Why do you need to be on

Page 1 of Google ?


The answer is really very simple, if you are not there then it is pretty certain that your competitors are and they are getting all the business that visitors to that page are offering.

We can assist with getting you listed on Page 1 of Google, watch the videos below to see an example of what we recently did.

click on the video to view in full size !
We have worked with one of our clients, the owners of MasterTradesmen.com.au and achieved the results they were looking for. (We have changed the look of our website since this video was taken). Their business was listed on

Page 1 of Google

within 2 weeks for their desired search terms.

To get seen on Page 1 of Google you need to first have your website optimised so that Google likes what it sees, we can certainly help you with that and here you will also get to understand some of the off-sites assets you need to work on to help you achieve that goal.

if you want more information about getting your business seen on

Page 1 of Google

….. call (03) 8899 7575

Hopefully you have also checked our videos on how to “Claim Your Google MyBusiness Listing”
It’s all about getting you seen on Page 1 of Google