Get listed on page 1 of Google

Here you will find links to a number of FREE ebooks that will help you understand whats happening on the internet and how you can benefit by using these ideas to market your business.

You will have the opportunity to read all about using the latest tools available on the NET to promote YOUR business and in particular, how to get listed on Page 1 of Google.

The one thing you need to get your head around is that it would be nearly impossible to get listed on Page one of Google for a generic term like “Business Coach”, “Electrician”, “Builder” but it should be possible to get listed for a more targeted market by say adding something like location, suburb, etc.

i.e. “Local Plumber Pakenham”, “Marketing Business Coach, Pakenham”.

So it is very important that you analyse what you prospective clients might be typing into the search engine’s search box.

One way that can help you on you way to this goal to Get Listed on Page 1 of Google is to have you business listed with Google Places, click on the link above to find out how…… and that’s FREE too !!!

Free Internet Marketing Education !!!

(just click on the image to get access to the immediate download)

Using PLRs (Private Label Rights) to market your businessVideo Marketing , the way of the futureFacebook Marketing ExplainedTwitter Marketing , the way of the future

We will be adding more books as they become available, so you will need to revisit to get the latest editions.

I hope you enjoy what we have found for you.

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